How to photograph your own newborn at home during lockdown


Sadly, a lot of newborn-parents have missed the opportunity to have their newborn baby professionally photographed within the first few days/weeks of his or her new life due to the lockdown.

Therefore, I have decided to compile a PDF guide to help newborn-parents who have been (and will still be) prevented by the lockdown to do a newborn shoot for their new baby within the first few days or weeks, to take the best photographs possible of their newborn baby with the camera (whether it be your phone or any other camera) and means they currently have at their disposal. 


The Guide can be purchased from Celia van Niekerk Photography for ONLY R150 (15USD) till 30 April 2010.
Thereafter, from 1 May until 31 May 2020, the cost of The Guide would be R300.
The guide will be discontinued on 31 May 2020, when hopefully things would start to normalise again.

For orders, please email 

I’ll forward banking detail to you for your purchase. Upon receipt of the proof of payment, I will email you the PDF Guide.

The intention of this guide is NOT to replace your newborn photographer OR to turn anyone into a professional newborn photographer. 
Firstly, if by any chance you would still be able to do a newborn shoot with a professional photographer after the lockdown – please do!!!! You will not be sorry! I promise you! Nothing can replace those precious professional newborn photos!! Any good newborn photographer will still be able to take beautiful newborn-type images of your new baby – EVEN though he or she is a bit older than the regular newborn. It is NOT too late!!
Secondly, this guide is also NOT intended for professional photographers and will NOT turn any novice into a professional newborn photographer. It is not intended to teach photography, but to help you take the best photographs possible of your new baby, while unable to have your newborn photographed professionally. However, the amateur newborn photographer might gain some valuable insight into newborn photography from the guide.