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Newborn Session Info

Booking your MATERNITY session:

Maternity Sessions– I suggest scheduling your maternity session between week 30 and 36, unless you are expecting multiples then the maternity session should be scheduled earlier, between 28 and 32 weeks. I would not recommend scheduling your maternity session within the last two weeks of your pregnancy as your baby might just decide to come early – causing you to miss your maternity photo session.
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Booking your NEWBORN session:

Newborn Sessions– It is best to schedule a newborn session within the first 10 days of your baby’s new life (if possible) – days 5 to 10 prove to be best. When you have booked you baby’s newborn session I will pencil in a date in my diary, once your baby arrived we can juggle the date and time to suit. I do leave room in my schedule to make adjustments to session dates once the baby arrives. Babies will arrive on their own terms, but at least we have some sort of a guideline to go by of what the session day will be. From there we can adjust the session date once the baby is born. Please get in contact with me within a day or two after the birth of your baby so I can make schedule adjustments if needed. Scheduling a newborn session between days 5 to 7 also gives us a little leeway, just in case we would need to reschedule your baby’s newborn session due to unforeseen circumstances. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing your baby that early, please call me to arrange the shoot as soon as you are ready.

I am planning on having a natural birth. How do we go about scheduling a date for the newborn session?

We usually book a date around 5 days after your “estimated due date”.  As soon as baby has arrived just let me know and we can adjust the date if necessary! I do leave room in my schedule to make adjustments to session dates once the baby arrives.

What types of Newborn Packages do you offer?

I offer 2 different types of packages: Simplistic Packages (which is a natural photo session) and Styled Packages (which is a posed session with props).

Kindly contact me to request the latest price list.

Simplistic Sessions are typically very unposed and focus on the relationship between family members and the new addition to the family. I love to focus on the beautiful relationship between parents, siblings and even pets to capture you all just as you are as a family. Simplistic sessions can be scheduled in the studio, the hospital or at your home. When we shoot at your home, we will capture the newborn baby in his/her new environment e.g. the baby’s nursery, toys, etc. Please note that Simplistic Newborn Shoots  includes natural posing of the baby. I do NOT travel with props to your home. Studio Simplistic Newborn Session will take place in my natural light studio. Most of the interior are soft, white or cream coloured. Amongst other things, I even have a double bed in the studio. I recommend Lifestyle Sessions for older newborn babies (older than 21 days) and fussy babies.

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On the day of the NEWBORN session:

The whole session will be about your little one and making him/her comfortable. Depending on package booked, the session usually takes about 2-3 hours for a Styled Session and 1 to 2 hour for a Simplistic Session, with a lot of that time taken up with settling and soothing him/her into a deep sleep. I use a very warm room in which to photograph the baby to make sure he/she is super sleepy and comfortable. I have a variety of props, wraps and blankets to choose from to get the most adorable results.

On the day of the session  you will arrive at the studio. It is best if you feed your baby just after you arrive and I allow plenty of time for this. This will ensure baby is super sleepy and contented when we begin the session.  We follow your baby’s lead during the session and stop if baby needs soothing, changing or feeding. Oh! and please expect that your little newborn will make a few little messes during the session. It’s totally normal, please don’t worry, it happens every time!

If you would like any photos with siblings I will do them first as older children can get bored if waiting around. I can then spend the remainder of the session just on your beautiful newborn.


I will be handling your baby less than a week after birth and therefore I insist that safety and comfort is paramount during the shoot.

I do not engage in any poses that may be uncomfortable for your baby and will only use poses that have been perfected in the safest way.



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to contact me if you have any further questions.